Harry Potter and the Millennials, Anthony Gierzynski with Kathryn Eddy
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Without a doubt J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has had a powerful effect on the Millennial Generation. Hundreds of millions of Millennials grew up immersed in the world of the boy wizard—reading the books, attending midnight book release parties (often dressed as the characters), watching the movies, and becoming part of the Harry Potter fan community. Little is known, however, regarding to the more specific ways the Harry Potter books and movies may have affected the Millennial Generation. While Rowling did not set out to write a political tale, her story is imbued with values, perspectives and lessons that may have affected the political views of the generation that became so engrossed in the Potter world. The Harry Potter series is certainly full of characters, plot lines, and relationships that provide “lessons” that are relevant to politics. Harry Potter and the Millennials is a book dedicated to exploring the actual political impact of the tale of the boy who lived on a generation of Muggles, reporting on original research into the actual impact of the Harry Potter series on the politics of the Millennial Generation.

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